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News — KE006

Berry Cherry Jewel Pop

KE006 KJP918 Berry Cherry

Here is Kameleon Jewelry's Jewel Pop of the week KJP918 Berry Cherry shown in earrings KE043, and bracelet KBR003 with matching pendant KP066. You can also see these Jewel Pops here in KE006. These Jewel Pops are a modern twist on the Ruby July Birthstone.

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Kameleom Jewelry + Summer Casual

jewel pops kameleon jewelry KE006 KP054

More of the Kameleon Jewelry Colours of Spring collection with a relaxing summer outfit. This would look great with black Jewel Pops too!

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Colours of Spring - Pink!

kameleon jewelry KE006 KP054

From the latest Kameleon Jewelry catalog, the Dreamweaver Pendant KP054 is shown with earrings KE006. Shown in the Pendant KJP420 Azalea and in the Earrings KJP225 Rose Spritzer.

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