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Kameleom Jewelry + Summer Casual

jewel pops kameleon jewelry KE006 KP054

More of the Kameleon Jewelry Colours of Spring collection with a relaxing summer outfit. This would look great with black Jewel Pops too!

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From Jewel Pop on Polyvore Kamelen Jewelry

jewel pops kameleon jewelry KJP905

I love putting together outfits on Polyvore. This one was done by Jewel Pop, the parent of Kameleon Jewelry and features Kamelon Jewel Pops KJP905, Moroccan Blue, from the Colours of Spring Collection. They are shown in earrings KE043 and Signature Ring KR019.

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"New York" Jewel Pop Collection

jewel pops kameleon jewelry new kameleon jewelry

Coming soon from Kameleon Jewelry the New York series of Jewel Pops: Broadway Baby, Central Park & Times Square. Great spring colours, look for them later this week!

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Dress from Le Chateau + Kameleon Jewelry

jewel pops Kameleon kameleon jewelry KP081 KP81

A dress I purchased last month from Le Chateau (Made in Canada) with two choices of boots, Kameleon Jewelry pendant KP081 and various Kameleon Jewelry Jewel Pops.

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January 2015 Sneak Peek

jewel pops Kameleon kameleon jewelry Kameleon Jewelry 2015 new

Here's a little peek at a portion of the January 2015 Kameleon Jewelry new product release. Something to look forward to in the New Year for sure!

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